It is my belief that America needs principled, strong, and honest leadership – America needs President Paul Ryan.

As a young American, I can see the writing on the wall. If we don’t do something about Social Security and Medicare, we’re on the road to bankruptcy.

It would be easy to put my fingers in my ears, whisper sweet nothings to myself, and hope the problem will go away. It would also be easy to pretend that if only “the rich” would pay more, we could solve this immense problem. Truth is, neither of these options would work and we need to move away from endless borrowing and spending, and down a more responsible fiscal path.

Congressman Ryan recognizes and understands these problems, and has put forth a solution that will place America on a path to prosperity. Congressman Ryan’s commonsense, comprehensive, and compassionate reforms will secure America’s safety net for future generations and place our country on a path of fiscal responsibility.

I admit this is a longshot. I have no connection with Congressman Ryan, I’m just an average American who likes what he sees. When asked, Congressman Ryan repeatedly denies any interest in running for president. In addition, no House member has been elected president since 1880. Still, It is my hope that this website will bring together like-minded people and get Congressman Ryan to change his mind. Add your name to the list and check back often to keep up on the latest.