Students for Ryan site

Just ran across this new site located at that deserves a look. Although I’m no longer in school, I highly encourage any students to sign the letter. I’ve included a small snippet of the excellent letter below, but be sure to visit the site and leave your information.

Dear Congressman Ryan,

We, the undersigned, are students and other young people concerned with the fiscal state of the America we are inheriting. Piling debts, looming default, rumors of a great stagnation, and the nearing bankruptcy of our social safety net have jilted us from the apathy that too often characterizes our generation’s political disposition. We know inertia is not a policy.

You have put forward the best plan to date at reconciling the tough road ahead. We believe stewardship of our republic will require sacrifice, especially on the part of those who, like us, will have time to adjust to the new social compact. We are willing to make those sacrifices because every other way is tougher. We know we will not have the hefty defined benefit packages our grandparents have received—we just want our leaders to level with us and pursue serious reform.

George Soros gave $400,000 to Attack Paul Ryan

Congressman Ryan must be doing something right! He’s angering all the right people!

Mark Hemmingway writes:

A liberal group has grabbed a number of headlines in the past week by attacking Paul Ryan’s budget plan as un-Christian. The group claims that Ryan’s a devotee of the atheist Ayn Rand, whose values are explicitly anti-Christian, and that this is the real inspiration for Ryan’s budget…

There are three points to be made here. 1) Ryan is a committed Roman Catholic — his love for Ayn Rand has its limits and has frequently been overstated. 2) Atlas Shrugged is one of the most popular and influential books in modern history, and most readers find it entirely possible to enjoy and appreciate what Rand has to say about individulaism and capitalism without surrendering your religious beliefs. Suggesting otherwise is absurd. 3) The group lobbing these accusations has recieved at least $400,000 from George Soros, who happens to be one of the world’s most famous atheists…

Follow the link to read the entire article. Hemmingway sums up the entire situation perfectly saying: “it’s fair to ask whether any religious group that takes his money and criticizes Republicans is expressing altruistic Christian concern about the poor or really pushing a political agenda.”

Kuhner: “It’s time for a draft Ryan movement. History is calling him.”

Washington Times, Kuhner:

Mr. Obama is a shameless demagogue. “Medicare as we know it” cannot be saved; to suggest otherwise is mendacious and irresponsible. Either it is revamped or it will go broke. This is the choice. Mr. Ryan’s great gift is not only that his ideas can fix a broken system, but that he can articulate them in a simple manner that resonates with voters.

Mr. Ryan’s appeal is that he is a patriot. He is willing to put country above power. More important, he is willing to tell Americans the painful truth: We are in decline. Following statist Europe is the path of economic suicide and moral decay. The entire Obama presidency has sought to refute the very traits that have made America unique and great – limited government, federalism, reverence for the Constitution, unadulterated capitalism and the belief in U.S. exceptionalism. A Ryan candidacy would offer a potent reformist alternative to Mr. Obama’s reactionary vision.

It’s time for a draft Ryan movement. History is calling him.