Kuhner: “It’s time for a draft Ryan movement. History is calling him.”

Washington Times, Kuhner:

Mr. Obama is a shameless demagogue. “Medicare as we know it” cannot be saved; to suggest otherwise is mendacious and irresponsible. Either it is revamped or it will go broke. This is the choice. Mr. Ryan’s great gift is not only that his ideas can fix a broken system, but that he can articulate them in a simple manner that resonates with voters.

Mr. Ryan’s appeal is that he is a patriot. He is willing to put country above power. More important, he is willing to tell Americans the painful truth: We are in decline. Following statist Europe is the path of economic suicide and moral decay. The entire Obama presidency has sought to refute the very traits that have made America unique and great – limited government, federalism, reverence for the Constitution, unadulterated capitalism and the belief in U.S. exceptionalism. A Ryan candidacy would offer a potent reformist alternative to Mr. Obama’s reactionary vision.

It’s time for a draft Ryan movement. History is calling him.

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