Huffpo: Paul Ryan Hesitates On Question Of Run For President

I hate to link to this story because:

  • A. It’s the Huffington Post.
  • B. It’s the Huffington post.
  • But I’ll do it anyway because it’s such important news.

    During an interview Neil Cuvato asked Congressman Ryan if he would change his mind about running for President. Ryan resonded that he wanted to “see how this field develops.”

    That’s a MAJOR change from his denials over the past few weeks and months and is great news for Ryan fans. Of course Congressman Ryan clarified later in the interview “I’m not giving it serious consideration because to do that you really have to get in this thing full-throttle.”

    I can assure the Congressman that there a great many people out there who would be willing to put in the elbow grease, long hours, and raise the necessary funds to get his campaign in full-throttle should he decide to run.

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