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Ryan to Give Speech on Foreign Policy

The Weekly Standard reports Congressman Ryan is giving a speech tonight at the Alexander Hamilton Society outlining his views on Foreign Policy. Look… He may just be giving a speech on Foreign policy right around the time the Draft Ryan movement is ramping up, but it’s an awfully interesting coincidence....
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Ryan Checks Obama on Medicare

Some great headlines out there today. Its too bad this meeting was behind closed doors as I would have LOVED to see this exchange. Politico – Paul Ryan confronts Obama on Medicare Los Angeles Times – Obama, Paul Ryan clash in White House meeting on debt Washington Times – Ryan...
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Welcome to DraftPaulRyan.com

So I suppose I should do a quick welcome post since the site is now live. I originally registered DraftPaulRyan.com back in March of 2010 after seeing Congressman speak on YouTube. I did some background research on his policy proposals thought he was going to be one of the rising...
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More GOPers want Ryan than Christie?

Right before the Memorial Day weekend, Drudge had a headline pointing to a CNN poll showing Rudy Giuliani sitting pretty atop the Republican Presidential field (If you consider 16% pretty). Now I’m not a big Rudy fan so I didn’t pay all that much attention, but after a nice BBQ...
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